Social Service

Realizing the value of sharing
'Happy Eye Campaign' of Kim's Eye Hospital creates more bright and happier society.

Happy Eye campaign began with the following catchphrase.
“Let's help everyone not to suffer from blindness by prevention and early treatment”
It is corporate social responsibility for realizing the value of sharing delivered between heart to heart.

  • Activities

    • Free treatment for overseas patients
    • Free treatment for refugees connected with UNHCR
    • Free treatment for remote island residents
    • Free treatment for nursery’s kids
    캄보디아 해외의료봉사(건양의대 김안과병원) 단체사진
  • Supporting low-income group

    • Free eyesight recovery operation for low-income group
    • Free treatment for senior welfare center’s people
  • Public beneficial activities

    • Free lecture on healthy eye
    • Lecture for senior community college on healthy eye
    • The Children's Picture contest
    • The blind’s writings contest
    • Kim's Eye Hospital Golf Tournament for the Visually impaired
    영등포노인대학 눈건강 강좌사진