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85 beds, 17 ophthalmology operation rooms, 46 ophthalmologists, 10 ophthalmology residents and 380 employees in to

1998: Opened Retina Center, which is the first and the largest retina clinic in Korea.
2003: Opened Myunggok Eye Research Center, which is an affiliated research center,to vitalize basic research on ophthalmology.

The first and biggest retina hospital in World was opened in 2008.
It has grown into the top retina hospital in World by continuously increasing specialist and equipment since then.
We has World's best 19 retina specialists who treat diseases that affect the retina.

This is all about Kim's Eye Hospital, the largest ophthalmic specialty hospital in Korea.

We are ready to move beyond Korea into the world.
Kim's Eye Hospital will become a world class hospital for the eye care of people in the world.

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