2000’s -

Our Kim’s Eye Hospital is often accompanied by your health and happiness.

  • 2020

    President Jae-Woo, Jang took office

  • 2014

    President Yong-ran, Kim took office

  • 2012

    Kim’s Eye Hospital 50 year, New 100 Year Vision Declaration

  • 2010

    President Yong Ho, Sohn took office

  • 2008

    Opened the first Retina Hospital in the World (3 underground floors and 6 above the ground floors)

  • 2006

    President Sung-joo Kim took office

  • 2004

    President, Soon-hyun Kim took office

  • 2003

    Opened Myunggok Eye Research Center

  • 2002

    President, Jong-woo Kim took office Hold International Visual Science Symposium in celebration of 40th anniversary

  • 2001

    Changed the mane to Konyang Univ. College of Medicine, Kim's Eye Hospital Opened Oculoplastic Surgery Center and Cataract Center

  • 2000

    President Sang-mook Kong took office

  • 1999

    Expanded the Lasik Center

1990’s - 1999’s

  • 1998

    Opened the first Retina Center in Korea

  • 1995

    Designated as a ophthalmology resident training ho spital

  • 1994

    Constructed an annex[2underground floor and 6 abo ve the ground floors] Expanded medical service areas to include oph thalm ology, surgery, and internal medicine Changed the mane to Konyang Hospital Designated as an intern training hospital

  • 1992

    Changed the name to Konyang Medical Foundation, Kim's Eye Hospital

1962’s - 1986’s

  • 1986

    Moved to the new building of Kim's Eye Hospital[3 un derground floors and 8 above the ground floors]

  • 1971

    Became the largest single ophthalmologist in Seoul

  • 1970

    The total floor space 400 pyeong, Increase to the 5th floor and 1 basement floor

  • 1962

    Opened Kim's Eye Clinic by Hi-soo Kim, Chairman of the Board of Directors