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- Kim's Eye Hospital director : JaeWoo Jang.

Kim's Eye Hospital director Yonglan Kim

Drowsiness misty, Kim's Eye Hospital started early in the morning but never with patients who lined up one. For over 50 years we have never had one day, the hospital's lights are always on, these are out of necessity, as the patient is unable to ignore the benevolent heart begins.
Foreign patients annually 410,000 passengers annually more than 22,000 cases of surgery, patients with an average annual nighttime treatment alone reached five thousand people, including trauma patients as well as in daily life in patients with severe majority.

Medical environment change makes from the original hospital-centered medical market transformed into a patient-centered medical markets. Care for patients, such as family members, Kim's Eye Hospital all the staff are doing their best to become a patient feels homely hospital.

Since its inception in 1962, making today's Kim's Eye Hospital continued to grow the biggest driving force is out of active use of the latest technology and a 24-hour clinic. Actively studying the latest medical knowledge on the large amount of money purchasing the latest and most advanced medical equipment to treat the patient's state of mind is Kim's Eye Hospital insisted first business philosophy.

In addition, in 2003 set up a research institute affiliated with "Myunggok Eye Institute," truly become a set of treatment, education, research in one of the specialist eye hospital, making the Kim's Eye Hospital East. 2008, established the world's first specialized in treating retinal diseases "Retina hospital ', build a more professional treatment environment and research environment.