Lasik Center

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Many people wear glasses or contact lenses with myopia or astigmatism, but they may want surgery for a variety of discomfort, cosmetic or professional reasons. In this case, procedures such as LASIK and LASEK refractive correction or intraocular lens insertion into the eye are widely performed.

Lasik Center of Kim’s Eye Hospital is where you can inspect several diseases (retinal abnormality, glaucoma, strabismus, etc.) accompanied with refractive abnormality.

The LASIK Center at Kim eye hospital is equipped with long-experienced specialists and detailed specialists in the cornea, including pre-surgery and post-surgical examinations. It is also a place where other diseases (retinal disorders, glaucoma, strabismus, etc.) can be examined and resolved. We are doing our best to deliver the best satisfaction with the latest equipment with proven safety and the best medical staff specialized in each field.

The most frequently performed laser refractive surgery are SMILE LASIK, Opti-LASEK, and Avedro-LASEK, and intraocular lens implantation (ICL, and artiflex) is actively performed in patients with hypermyopia.

The LASIK Center of Kimeye hospital provides not only immediate vision correction, but also the best medical service that takes responsibility for the eyes' health of customers who last a lifetime.