Glaucoma Center

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“For the early diagnosis of glaucoma, precise diagnosis is conducted by using the latest diagnostic equipment. In addition, for refractory glaucoma that does not respond to eye drops, we perform the most advanced non-invasive glaucoma surgery in Korea as well as conventional glaucoma surgery.”

Glaucoma, one of the three leading causes of blindness, is a chronic degenerative disease in which the optic nerve is damaged by various causes, including high pressure. The optic nerve cannot be recovered once damage has occurred, and after 30% or more of the optic nerve has been destroyed, abnormalities appear in the visual field test. In addition, there is no awareness of damage to the optic nerve until the vision damage progresses to the end stage. Therefore, early detection is the most important thing, and if there is any suspicion of glaucoma, it is necessary to regularly undergo glaucoma examination.

The glaucoma service of Kim’s Eye hospital, which consists of 10 top-class specialists in Korea, discovers glaucoma called 'soundless vision thief' early through advanced clinical experience and abundant clinical experience such as SD-OCT, HRT, OCT, UBM, Humphrey field analyzer, etc. To prevent deterioration of vision, we are focusing on medical treatment and research. Over the past year, 32,000 glaucoma patients have been treated. About 12,000 OCT tests and 11,000 automatic field-of-view tests were performed. About 500 glaucoma laser procedures and 200 glaucoma surgeries were performed. I did it.