Cornea Center

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The cornea is located in the outermost surface of the eye and is the part of the eye where the light first passes, making it a part of an organ that can easily be wounded or be get many ocular diseases because of it’s consistently exposed to the external environment (air, dust, chemical materials etc).

Seven medical cornea specialists of Kim’s Eye Hospital’s Cornea Center are making the effort to treat corneal diseases, such as dry eye syndrome, keratitis, corneal dystrophy, congenital corneal opacity, keratoconus, corneal opacification, and corneal ulcer.

In the Cornea Center, treatment is performed according to the characteristic and condition of the disease through medicine, the specific lens for treatment, and laser, etc. And when the condition is serious, amniotic transplantation or corneal transplantation are performed.

Also, overall tests of ophthalmology, such as corneal endothelial cell exam, artificial eye lens vision exam, ultrasonography, corneal topographic exam, and electroretinogram(ERG).

Every year, about 80,000 outpatients are treated, and among them, about 2,400 patients are hospitalized to receive surgery and about 1,000 patients of them have severe cases of corneal ulcer.

Also, about 400 cases of pterygium surgeries and corneal conjunctival transplantation surgeries are performed, writing a new history in the field of corneal disease of Korea.