Cataract Center

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The disease where the camera lens of our eyes, the transparent lens, becomes cloudy and decreases one’s vision is called cataract.

Generally, most cataracts are senile caused by aging. However, it can also be caused by many ocular complications, such as trauma, uveitis, or diabetes, or by complications of a systemic or congenital disease.

Cataract Center of Kim’s Eye Hospital, which diagnoses and treats such cataracts, has 9 medical specialists with many surgical experiences and performs cataract surgery in an average of 130 cases per week and 7,000 cases per year, giving this specialized cataract center the highest number of cataract surgeries in Korea.

WAll services required for cataract surgery, such as ophthalmology inspection, explanation of the surgery according to each patient, guide on precautions, manage of surgery schedule, and procedure of hospitalization, are provided at a time to maximize the convenience for the patient. In addition, a special counselor is working at a regular basis to perform 1:1 counseling for matters concerning astigmatic correction and adaptation to the special lens for correction of presbyopia.

Like this, the Cataract Center not only performs treatment on the cataract disease, but also provides 1:1 customized service to recover high-quality vision for the patient to increase his or her quality of life.